Rave Reviews

So good! You taste both flavors at first bite, and then zing - a chilled blueberry surprise in the middle! Not too sweet. Perfect!

The strawberry banana macarons are sooooo good, they are my favorite! The surprise of juicy, sweet strawberry jam in the middle is delicious. You can't eat just one!

These are INCREDIBLE. Ruth, you KILLED it with these! I am selective with my treats since I always want it to be “worth” the indulgence and these are so crazy worth it, hands down. My mom is going to love hers too!!!

Oh man these were So So Good!!!! I managed to hide them from the kids so hubby and I thoroughly enjoyed if I didn’t have to go to the office this week I’d be all over more!!

I ate my sleeve for lunch on the way home from picking up my order... In a word, FANTASTIC CREATIONS!! Don’t have the money at the moment for your last sleeve (Cuz I’d be over at your house in a HEARTBEAT).

Our family love your delicious treats and could tell with each bite they are made with love! They didn't last more than two days with my family. Lemon Blueberry was our favorite!

Ruth. You are amazing! Not only were your macarons a treat to look at, but the flavors were divine! Many thanks! My husband in particular just raved about them! He has an upcoming birthday! I may order a batch!

Thank you so much Ruth! They are not only delicious but also beautiful. We love them. Expect many orders more from us.

Oh, Ruth, they were delicious!!! Thank you so much. I will continue to recommend. You have a serious skill set...

As someone who has been lucky enough to try Ruth’s maca-wrongs before, they are every bit as delicious as the macarons.

Thanks so much, Ruth. The cake is fantastic — inside and out — and definitely made for a memorable birthday!